The 16th International Conference on Role and Reference Grammar 2021 (online)
August 4-6, 2021
York University, Toronto, Canada

Meeting Description

The 16th International Conference on Role and Reference Grammar (RRG) will take place on August 4-6, 2021, a virtual conference organized by York University in Toronto, Canada.

The committee invites proposals on original research relating to any aspect of linguistics that uses Role and Reference Grammar. We encourage papers dealing with further elaboration of RRG in areas such as morphology, syntax, semantics, information structure, as well as language processing and language change.

This year, we will designate part of the meeting to a themed session, entitled “Alternations and Splits”. Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

  • agreement alternation

  • argument structure alternation

  • case alternation

  • causative alternation

  • stem alternation

  • transitivity alternation

  • voice alternation

  • word order alternation

  • split agreement

  • split coding

  • split ergativity

  • split focus

  • split intransitivity

  • split topicalization

Papers on lesser studied languages and those that adopt a comparative or a typological approach are especially welcome.



-Ranko Matasović (University of Zagreb)

-Robert Van Valin (Heinrich Heine University & University at Buffalo)


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